Our Story

Our story? Who are we? That is quite simple, we are not a big company with unlimited financial and human resources… we are three dedicated guys with a dream and a fantastic product!



The people behind DissOil

We believe that we can make a difference with DissOil in this world. We will always need different types of oils and fuels in the world, regardless if it is products made from crude oil or from vegetable oil. This means that we also in the future will spill lubricants, oils and fuels in nature. The result is often death of animals and plants as well as contamination of the ground water.


DissOil is a product that can prevent or at least limit the damage caused by these spills. We are three entrepreneurs with different background but with the same goal – to limit the impact that humans have on nature. Our believe is that we will not stop using oil-based products (crude oil based or vegetable based) – that means that we need to have good solutions for limiting the impact such products have on nature. We are convinced that DissOil is a product that both limits the negative impact on nature as well as saves money for the companies or authorities that is responsible for the spillage.


Quite simply – a win-win solution for both nature and companies!


November 1

New package!

New package is released. The new package is developed for large scale production and has new key features as for example resealable top which makes DissOil even easier to use than before.
February 8

First delivery of DissOil!

First delivery of DissOil!
Our first customer BillerudKorsnäs orders 250pc of DissOil 1kg package. First delivery was 70pc to one of their forestry sites.
June 14

Pilot study together with BillerudKorsnäs

Pilot study together with BillerudKorsnäs
DissOil is doing a pilot study together with BillerudKorsnäs, one of Sweden’s largest foresting companies, during this summer. The goal with the pilot study is to field test DissOil in actual oil spill situations in the forest and on forest roads. Read more: dissoil.com/pilot-study-with-billerudkorsnas/
June 1

New website

Launch of new website www.dissoil.com
April 29

Social media

DissOil is launched on social media sites Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow us at: Facebook Follow us at: LinkedIn
January 10


Groundbreaking! We collect our shovels and head into nature in order to collect soil and water samples for third party verification of DissOil.
February 21

Internal testing

Internal verification tests starts in order to measure the efficiency of the product. Both regarding absorption and capacity to break down different types of oil.
December 20

DissOil starts!

DissOil starts! The combination af active biology and absorbent are defined as a product and the cooperation between the co-founders; Johan de Faire, Tommy Blom and Jesper Blom starts.
September 20


The Product is discovered by accident when it eats up the tarmac in a garage when a bag with the active biology sits there for a longer period of time.