Why DissOil



DissOil is according to us a win-win solution both for the environment but also saving costs for the companies dealing with oil spills. Compared to many other products DissOil is; Very easy to use, highly efficient, cost-effective, requires no personal protection for use and it has no negative effects on the environment.


The greatest advantage with DissOil is that it does not only absorb the oil but also “cuts apart” the oil. Thus meaning that you only need to spread DissOil once on spilled oil – nothing more! No extra work effort for collecting the absorbed oil. No cost for transport and disposal of the absorbed oil – simply cost-effective and easy to use. Read more about how DissOil works.


An oil or fuel spill is never a planned or desired situation. This often means a standstill in the planned activities. DissOil is designed to clean up spills in the fastest and most efficient way possible without risking the environmental impact. This means that you can return to your work faster and thus save time and money.


That’s why you save money when you clean up with DissOil

DissOil breaks down the spill, which means that you do not have to collect the absorbent, it can be left in nature. In the event of a spill, do the following:


  • SPREAD – Spread DissOil directly over the spill until the surface is dry after 2 minutes.
  • WATER – Normally the moisture in the soil is enough for activation, but if it is very dry you need to add water.
  • DONE! – If the absorbent is on the road or at a work surface, you can sweep it away to the ditch or equivalent so it is not in the way of continued work or traffic.


You avoid the following steps:


  • Collect oil saturated absorbent. This can also be next to impossible depending on where the spill occurred. For example, it is very difficult in forestry.
  • Take care of / pay for transport to landfill
  • Landfill fee


The environment wins too!


  • Fewer transports as oil-saturated absorbent does not need to be transported to landfill
  • Less load on landfill
  •  DissOil also hunts for spillage into the ground and breaks it down, which means that spillage that has sunk into the ground is also broken down.

Before and after picture of an oil spill in northern part of Uppsala, Sweden, 2018. The result is only after 7 days!



DissOil can be used on all types of oil spill, i.e. gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluids, motor oil, lubricants, crude oil and asphalt as well as vegetable oils.

The process needs water in order to work. However very small quantities are enough for the “oil-cutting” process to start. Moisture from soil is most often sufficient.

During dry periods the oil is absorbed, and does not leak. The oil eating process starts with increased moisture or with watering of the patch.

It can also be used on oil spills on ice and snow. The oil will be absorbed, and does not leak. Once the temperature reaches above 0° C the oil eating process starts.