Forestry oil spill – Before and after DissOil

A forestry oil spill north of Uppsala, SWEDEN. The oil spill occurred in September 2018. The extent of the oil spill was estimated to be less than 100 litres of oil.

On the 21st of September we simply added one bag of DissOil onto the Oil spill. The spill was inspected regularly and on the 28th of September we could no longer see any trace of remaining oil. The conclusion is that DissOil has neutralized the oil spill within seven days.

The temperature during these days varied between -2°C to 15°C.


Before and after picture of the Oil spill, left was taken on the 21st of September and the right on the 28th of September. To the right you can see some of the remaining DissOil floating on an otherwise clear pool of water. DissOil has eaten up the oil!