Implenia – First to use DissOil within construction industry

Implenia Sverige AB has more than 350 employees and has many years of experience and expertise in challenging infrastructure projects in the country. Implenia provides services within concrete constructions, bridges, tunnels and rock rooms, road and civil engineering works and foundations.


Implenia Sweden is part of the Implenia Group with a total of approximately 10 000 employees. Implenia Group is the leading supplier of construction services in Switzerland. The Group also has a strong position in the German, Austrian and Norwegian infrastructure markets.

Sustainability is our passion and is an integrated part of Implenia’s business model. An important valuation for us is that we take responsibility for ourselves, as well as for our environment and for society.


Together with Implenia and the Swedish Transport Administration, we carried out a project to ensure that DissOil was a good and environmentally safe method for spill control of Diesel (HVO 100) and hydraulic oil in tunnel drilling. The project also included spill control of gravel planes as this is a common surface where a spill can occur.


Very good results were achieved both in the tunnel drilling where the challenge was a high pH environment and in the tests of gravel spillage. The active substances in DissOil even followed down into the ground and broke down diesel which had penetrated down into the gravel plane.


As a part of Implenia Sverige AB:s work for more sustainable solutions they have decided to use DissOil as their solution for oil and fuel spill clean-ups.

We at OneCleanEarth (The developer of DissOil) are very glad that Implenia Sverige has chosen DissOil. Implenia is first to use DissOil within the construction industry – This is a very important milestone for us!


We at Implenia are working to constantly reduce our environmental impact while at the same time being as cost-efficient as possible when developing the infrastructure in Sweden. We use DissOil because we think it is a good solution for spill clean-ups as it is both environmentally friendly while saving us time and money.


Therese Rönnkvist Mickelson – Head Sustainability Sweden, Implenia